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SHARP 2000, Call for Papers

The following is the call for papers for next summer's SHARP conference,
hosted by the Gutenberg Institute for the History of the Book.  We hope
that many of you will be able to attend what should be a memorable
meeting.  Please forward this announcement along to any colleagues who
might find it of interest, and note that it can also be found, with
additional details about the conference setting, at this Web address


while of course more information about SHARP itself can be found on SHARP
Web, at http://www.indiana.edu/~sharp

Call for Papers
3-8 July 2000 in Mainz, Germany

The eighth annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship,
Reading and Publishing (SHARP) will take place 3-8 July 2000 at a modern
and attractive conference centre in the heart of Mainz and in the shade of
its impressive one thousand-year-old Romanesque cathedral. SHARP 2000 is
being held under the auspices of the Gutenberg Institute for the History
of the Book at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

In honour of Johannes Gutenberg, whose 600th birthday will be celebrated
by his hometown in both popular and academic activities throughout the
year, we hope to organize an interesting and rich programme of panels.
This programme will reflect the full scope of the history of the book as
it has developed between Gutenberg`s starting of the first media
revolution in the 15th century and the arrival of the second media
revolution at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century.

We invite the submission of proposals for papers on all subjects within
the area of Book History. It is a tradition of SHARP that its conferences
are broad in subject and theme and good papers will be accepted on any
aspect of the discipline. In addition, we hope to feature the following
three themes:

 * Cultural heritage of early movable metal-type printing in Asia

 * Development, spread, and impact of letterpress printing in early
modern Europe

 * New media today, e.g. electronic publishing, the impact of
IT on libraries and library systems

Proposals for 20 minute talks, submitted by mail, fax or e-mail, should
not exceed half a page per paper. If you can submit an electronic version
of your proposal we would be particularly grateful as this will help us to
get a full list of accepted proposals onto the Web as soon as possible. We
would particularly like to encourage research students to participate in
our programme. We also welcome suggestions for organized sessions. Session
submissions should include the session title, paper titles, and abstracts
for consideration by the programme committee. The conference will be
mainly in English but papers in German will be acceptable.

Postgraduate students wishing to apply for a SHARP travel grant should
make that clear on their submissions. Similarly, independent scholars
(that is, scholars without an institution who might fund their travel)
wishing to apply for a SHARP Independent Scholar Travel Grant should also
make this clear on their submissions and make a case (no more than half a
page) for an award. In 2000 the Independent Travel Grants will be
available only to those living in continents other than Europe.

Papers to be considered for presentation should be submitted by 31 October
1999 for the attention of:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Fussel, Director
Gutenberg Institute for the History of the Book
Johannes Gutenberg-Universitdt Mainz
D-55099 Mainz
FAX 00 39 (61 31) 39 54 87
E-mail sharp@uni-mainz.de

For more information about SHARP and how to join, please visit the
Society's webpage at http://www.indiana.edu/~sharp

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