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NEW: Calligraphy@onelist.com

Below is information about a new calligraphy list.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 19:55:03 -0700
From: penpoints@fiber.net
To: gbw@dreamscape.com
Subject: Calligraphy@onelist.com

YOU ARE INVITED to join a new discussion group
for calligraphy!

Calligraphy@onelist.com is a discussion group for
calligraphy, lettering, and fine penmanship. Topics
include (but are not limited to): techniques, materials,
and tips; the history of calligraphy and fine penmanship;
calligraphy as an art form; experimental calligraphy
(abstract calligraphy, concrete poetry, etc.); book arts;
non-Western calligraphy; quotations, aphorisms,
literature; the teaching of calligraphy & penmanship;
calligraphy as a business; announcements concerning
calligraphy (events, new products, occasional brief
advertisements, etc.).

This group is moderated, but not very closely! Off-topic
posts are permitted. However, "extended off-topic threads"
will be discouraged. "Flaming" is not permitted. Other
than that, all questions, comments, and points of view
are welcome!

Important note: Calligraphy@onelist.com is not intended
to replace or compete with Cyberscribes, the older,
larger, and much more active Internet discussion group
for calligraphy. It is expected that Calligraphy@onelist.com
will be smaller and more quiet, at least at first, and
that it will develop its own special character.

Anyone on the Internet may join Calligraphy@onelist.com.
There are no background checks, referrals, or similar
requirements needed to join this group. A list of addresses,
phone numbers, affiliations, and other personal information
will not be compiled.

**It is easy to join** Calligraphy@onelist.com - Just reply
to this e-mail, with the word YES.

(Reply to: penpoints@fiber.net )

If you would rather NOT join at this time, simply do not
respond to this invitation. (You will not receive this
invitation again, so save it, if you think you might want
to join later on.)

If you are already a member of ONElist, another way
to join Calligraphy@onelist.com (at any time) is to
go to the ONElist homepage:


Search for the topic "calligraphy" using "Find a Community
by Name or Subject," then click on the group called
"Calligraphy," then click on "Subscribe to this Community,"
and follow the simple directions for joining. (It is also
very easy to unsubscribe at any time, by going to the
Member Center, and clicking on "unsubscribe.")

Please do not hesitate to respond to this e-mail with
any questions or comments.

Ross Green
(List Manager, Calligraphy@onelist.com)
Reply to: penpoints@fiber.net

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