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The Center for Book Arts Fall 1999 Class list

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 Here it is!

We hope we'll see you at our new place soon.=20
Stay tuned for information on upcoming exhibitions, lectures, and open =

--Brian, Ilse, Sarah and Lizzie (the cat)=20

This schedule contains a comprehensive listing of the Center's many =
courses related to traditional and contemporary bookmaking, including =
hand bookbinding, letterpress printing, and other associated arts.=20

These courses are designed to offer the best book arts instruction by =
providing the following:

=B7        A teaching staff of experienced book artists and printers

=B7        Limited class enrollment to allow extensive exchange between =
instructor and participant=20

=B7         A fully equipped hand bindery and letterpress printshop

=B7         Courses designed to accommodate students at all levels of =


Classes at a Glance:


Bookbinding I (Mauriello): Sept. 27 - Dec. 6

Bookbinding I (Mills): Oct. 5 - Dec. 14

Bookbinding II: Sept. 27 - Nov. 29

Bookbinding III: Sept. 23 - Dec. 16           =20

Book Restoration: Sept. 21 - Dec.                        =20


Chinese Bookbinding: Sept. 24, 25 & 26

Japanese Bookbinding: Oct. 2 & 3

Transforming the Surface: Oct. 2 & 3

Papercutting and Design: Oct. 3

Beaded Bindings: Oct. 9 & 10

Beginning Bookbinding Intensive: Oct. 9 & 10

81/2" x 11": Oct 16 & 17

Alternative Book Structures: Oct. 23 & 24                       =20

Book Structures For Artists: Oct. 23 & 24

NEW! More Adventures in Boxmaking: Oct. 30 & 31

Tunnel Books: Nov. 6 & 7

Decorative Boxes: Nov 6 & 7

Text & Object: Nov. 13 & 14

Photo Albums: Nov. 13 & 14                       =20

Clamshell Boxes: Nov. 20 & 21                                            =

Coptic Binding: Dec. 4 & 5 I

Pop-Up Books: Dec. 4 & 5                       =20



Contemporary Books & Collage Art : Sept. 30 - Dec. 9

New! Meta Zines: Sept. 27 - Nov. 29           =20

Radical Bookworks: Sept. 21 - Dec. 7                                   =20

Lettering on the Kwikprint: Oct. 21


Decorative Gilding on Paper: Oct. 31           =20

Edge Gilding: Oct. 30

Blind and Gold Tooling: Oct. 23


The Artist's Book:A Personal Journey: Sept. 28.-Nov. 30

Japanese Woodblock Printing: Sept. 22 - Nov. 10

Letterpress Printing I: Oct. 13 - Dec. 8

Image and Text: Oct. 2 & 3 & 9 & 10                                      =

Collagraph Printing: Oct. 23 & 24                                        =

Pochoir: Nov. 20 & 21                                                    =

Paper Lithography: Oct. 2                                   =20

Beginning Letterpress Intensive: Nov. 6 & 7                       =20

NEW! Holiday Cards/Hand Stamping: Nov. 20 & 21

Photocopy Transfers: Nov. 13 & 14                 =20



Hand-papermaking: A Kitchen Guide: Sept. 25 & 26                       =20

Hand-papermaking and the Art of the Book: Oct. 16 & 17




Descriptions of our bookmaking classes and related workshops:


Bookbinding I
In this introductory course, participants will become familiar with the =
materials (paper, cloth, board and adhesives) and the methods (folding, =
sewing and gluing) of basic bookbinding techniques. Students will make =
pamphlet bindings, multi-section books, a simple enclosure, and books =
that become great journals, sketchbooks and albums.=20

Choose one of two sections offered:

Section I. Barbara Mauriello, instructor

Monday nights, 11 sessions, September 27 through December 6; 6 to 9 pm

$400  / CBA members $375


Section II. Susan Mills, instructor

Tuesday nights, 11 sessions, October 5 through December 7; 6 to 9 pm

$400 / CBA member $375

Bookbinding II

This class is designed for those who have completed Bookbinding I and =
want more bookbinding experience that does not emphasize re-binding and =
restoration. The goal of this class is to provide students with enhanced =
skills and greater confidence in basic bookbinding. Through =
demonstrations and the production of several different book and box =
structures, students will learn to choose the appropriate book structure =
to specific projects.  The class will also explore re-interpretations of =
historical structures for contemporary needs. There will be time =
allotted to discuss individual projects and ideas.=20

Prerequisite: Bookbinding I or equivalent.

 Judy Ivry, instructor

Monday nights, 10 sessions, September 27 through November 29; 6 to 9 pm. =

$375 / CBA members $350
Bookbinding III
In this advanced course, participants with a solid background in case =
binding techniques will learn leather bookbinding. Each student will =
make two books bound in leather. Topics to be covered: types and supply =
sources for leather; edge tool sharpening; sewing structures on cords =
and tapes; leather paring by hand, spokeshave and machine; handsewing a =
two-color silk endband; edge decoration; endsheet/doublure construction; =
and blind tooling. Students must supply leather, decorative paper, a =
paring knife and spokeshave. Call for more information about these =
materials and supplies.=20
Pre-requisite: Bookbinding II or equilvalent.
 Jeff Peachey, instructor
Thursday nights, 12 sessions, September 23 through December 16 (no class =
on Nov. 25), 6 to 9 pm
$435 / CBA members $410
 Book Restoration

Begin to learn how to repair common structural problems found in older =
books. This course will focus upon the practice of re-backing cloth =
volumes, paper repair, re-sewing of loose sections and dry cleaning. The =
treatment of spines and endpapers will also be discussed if such =
problems are presented in the class. Participants should bring at least =
two cloth covered books to the first session-one with the spine of the =
case loose or split, and one with the endpaper joints split and/or =

Pre-requisite: Bookbinding I and the ability to make a case with =

Bookbinding II is strongly recommended.=20

Sarah Dillon, instructor

Tuesday nights, 12 sessions, September 21 through

 December 7, 6 to 9 pm=20

$435 / CBA members $410



Radical Bookworks: From Meaning to Structure
This class is designed to challenge common assumptions about traditional =
book formats and to offer participants an opportunity to make their own =
artist books and bookworks that incorporate collage, painting, =
photography, mixed-media, and writing. By exploring a variety of =
alternative structures, sequential relationships and the physical =
properties of a book, students will create both paginated works that =
include imagery and text, as well as sculptural objects which involve =
the book as a metaphor. A primary focus of the course will be how a book =
can function as a sequence of ideas and how works can employ found and =
unusual materials in three-dimensional book objects. Each week students =
will work on a number of individual assignments in and outside of class =
and the sessions will begin with a discussion and group critique of =
students' bookworks. There will also be a number of slide presentations. =
This is not a class that teaches craft techniques, but rather, ideas =
related to the book as contemporary art.=20

Previous bookbinding experience is helpful but not required.

Douglas Beube, instructor

Tuesday nights, 12 sessions, September 21 through December 7; 6 to 9 pm

$395 / CBA members $370


NEW! Meta Zines:
The New Book in Field, Function, and Form
 The self-publishing movement is in a renaissance. Computers and =
photocopy machines have revolutionized the possibilities of producing of =
self-published bookworks. This intensive course will include visits to =
places that have contemporary examples of self-published books such as =
Printed Matter, See Hear Now and the MoMA library. The class will also =
examine the approaches used in the production of self-published books. =
Each student will design and produce a 'zine' bookwork. Distribution =
strategies will also be discussed.=20

Bookmaking experience preferred but not necessary.

Christopher Wilde, instructor

Monday nights, 10 sessions, September 27

Through November 29; 6 to 9 pm

$350 / CBA members $325


Contemporary Books & Collage Art=20

The art of cutting, pasting and assembling text and image has been used =
to great effort in image making and juxtaposing ideas with text. This =
workshop will present the history of collage and assemblage, as well as =
explore various techniques and issues brought up by past and present =
practitioners. Works of Duchamp, Ernst, Hoche, Heartzfeld, Jess, and =
Kronginer will provide the backdrop for discussion and a springboard for =
assignments given to students. Various bookbinding formats that =
accentuate the hyper-textural narrative of collage will be covered.  =
Sessions will alternate between lecture, discussion and a critique of =
students' works completed outside of class.=20
Some bookbinding experience recommended.=20
Christopher Wilde, instructor
Wednesday nights, 10 sessions (no Nov. 24 class), September 29 through =
December 8; 6 to 9 pm=20
$335  / CBA members $310



Lettering On The Kwikprint=20
This  mini 3-hour workshop will familiarize students with the Center's =
Kwikprint hot stamping machine. Easier and more manageable than the =
Kensol, the Kwikprint is a user-friendly lettering machine. Students in =
this workshop will learn how to prepare labels, set type and to stamp on =
labels or directly on cases of books or boxes.=20
Carolyn Chadwick, instructor
Thursday night, October 21; 6 to 9 pm
$65 / CBA members $45


Chinese Bookbinding
Students in this workshop will learn traditional techniques used by =
Chinese binders and conservators to make several different Chinese =
books-rough binding, string-binding, wrapped-back binding, and two =
different butterfly bindings. The class will use Chinese books bound in =
traditional formats as models and will work with materials from =
China-text papers printed with Chinese book page frames and covering =
materials, made from both paper and silk. There will be a demonstration =
of backing silk and paper with thin paper to use as covering materials =
and for protective corners.
Nancy Tomasko, instructor
One Friday evening, September 24, 6 to 9 pm and a weekend, September 25 =
& 26, 10 am to 4 pm.=20
$275 / CBA members $250

Transforming the Surface:
Organic & Inorganic Treatments for Book Art
This workshop focuses on the process of creating a book's surface =
texture with non-traditional materials in order to affect the content =
and structure of the work. A variety of materials will be used, =
including plaster, beeswax, eggshells, tea, dry pigments, dirt, plant =
materials, and shoe polish, among others. Special emphasis will be =
placed on the inherent qualities of the materials as they relate to the =
metaphoric content of the book, as well as the artists' relationship =
with the work. The course will also include a slide presentation, =
demonstrations, discussion and hands-on work. Each student will leave =
with a finished book structure and many new image-making techniques.

Melissa Slattery, instructor

October 2 & 3; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185

Japanese Bookbinding
In this workshop, students will a variety of Japanese binding techniques =
using traditional papers and fabrics to produce works uniquely their =
own.  Side-sewn binding and through-the-fold structures will be made, as =
well as a special cloth-covered folding box to hold these unique and =
beautiful books that make special gifts.=20

Yukari Hayashida, instructor

October 2 & 3; 10 am to 4 pm

$225 / CBA members $200



Beginning Bookbinding Intensive
Begin learning how to make handmade books in one weekend! Explore =
techniques for sewing, cutting and covering books in this introductory =
bookbinding course. Each student will be taught the basic methods and =
materials of bookmaking and will make one pamphlet and one flat-back =
case binding.=20
Please note: this course does not qualify as a pre-requisite for =
Bookbinding II.
Ben Rinehart, instructor
October 9 & 10; 10 am to 4 pm
$215 / CBA members $190

Beaded Bindings
If you have boxes, bottles or bags of beads and bead-like objects hidden =
in the dark recesses of your home or studio, this is the class for you. =
Learn to incorporate beautiful beads of all sizes-from tiny seed beads =
to large ceramic baubles-into your books. This class will explore =
several approaches to using beaded and loom work in book covers. =
Participants will create a book, sewn on cords, and learn techniques for =
incorporating beading into the spine and cover. There will also be a =
discussion of other book styles that can easily use beads into their =

Miriam Schaer, instructor

October 9 & 10; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185

8 =BD" x 11" Books
An intensive one day book making workshop, designed for artists and =
educators, using standard 8 =BD " x 11" sheets of paper, exclusively. =
The range of possible book styles that can be made with this common size =
paper is staggering. Tiny origami books, room length according books, =
books with rubber hand bindings, books with pockets, and shoelace sewn =
books will be just some of the book styles that will be taught. Various =
inventive methods of creating cut paper decoration plus ways of =
inserting drawings, text and collage into the books will be shown. A few =
pop-up structures will also be demonstrated.=20

Paula Beardell Krieg, instructor

One day, October 16 or 17; 10 am to 4 pm

$115 / CBA members $90

Alternative Book Structures:
A Playful Exploration of Innovative Book Forms
Nine hundred and ninety-nine folds and thirty-two books in twelve hours! =
Learn a variety of unique folding patterns that produce a multitude of =
innovative book structures. Many simple books will be created in this =
intense two-day session.=20

Some bookmaking experience is helpful but not necessary.

Nancy Callahan, instructor

October 23 & 24; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185

Book Structures For Artists
This course is for artists or collectors who have artwork (prints, =
drawings, collage, photos, etc.) that they wish to reformat into book =
form as well as for experienced book artists who have specific =
structural/procedural problems they wish to solve. Proper use of =
materials, adhesives and tools of bookbinding will be covered as well as =
the techniques for making specific book structures. Page layout, =
relation between content and structure, and narrative and non-narrative =
sequencing will be explored. This class will be geared towards solving =
individual technical problems that are specific to each student's =
project. Students should bring samples of their work for discussion and =

Jeff Peachey, instructor

October 23 & 24; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185

NEW! More Adventures in Boxmaking: Feet, Finials and Fasteners
Bookcloth meets hardware in this beyond-the-basics boxmaking course. =
Feast on finials, feet, grommets, dingbats and do-dads that can be =
incorporated into your decorative box.  No materials or ideas are too =
eccentric for this class. Students must arrive with several box =
components made in advance (details available upon registration).=20

Basic boxmaking skills are required.

Barbara Mauriello and Robert Warner, instructors

October 30 & 31; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185

Tunnel Books
A tunnel (or peephole) book is an accordion of pages bound on two sides =
and viewed through a central opening producing a 3-D effect. In this =
workshop, students will learn the basics of designing and constructing a =
tunnel book by exploring the exciting possibilities for adapting this =
format to your personal style. Historical examples will be presented in =
a short slide lecture. Each student should bring a small photograph of =
his- or her-self (or loved one) to incorporate into the structure.
Carol Barton, instructor
November 6 &7; 10 am to 4 pm
$210 / CBA members $185

Decorative Boxes
This workshop is a great introduction to the field of book arts. =
Students will learn traditional techniques and materials, similar to =
bookbinding, and create two beautiful boxes, one with a separate lid, =
the other with an attached, hinged lid. These beautiful boxes are =
perfect for storing photos and other collectibles or treasured objects. =
Students should provide their own decorative paper.=20
Carolyn Chadwick, instructor
November 6 &7; 10 am to 4 pm
$210 / CBA members $185

The Photograph Album
In this workshop, ideal for beginners, students will learn about the =
properties of paper, cloth, boards and adhesives as they construct their =
photograph albums. Many model albums will be examined. Details of =
mounting photos on book pages, preparation of matted pages and insetting =
photos or decorative elements on the book covers will be discussed.=20
Barbara Mauriello, instructor
November 13 & 14; 10 am to 4 pm
$215 / CBA members $190

Text & Object, or "How to Bind Five Eggs"
In this workshop each participant will construct a hand-bound, =
cloth-covered book that will include up to 20 pages of text, as well as =
a shadowbox area containing a three-dimensional object. The final =
product will be an inventive structure that is both book and box. Though =
resembling a traditional book, this versatile format can surprisingly =
incorporate a hidden part within for interactive objects, or offer a =
three-dimensional stage for visually expressing ideas that compliment =
the text. Participants need not have a fully-realized concept to make a =
prototype in this class.
Kumi Korf, instructor
November 13 & 14; 10 am to 4 pm
$210 / CBA members $185
Clamshell Boxes
Clamshell boxes are perfect containers for either photographs and prints =
or fragile, rare and special books. In this workshop, students will =
construct a two-tray, drop spine, cloth-covered box to fit an item they =
may bring. This item should be no larger than 10" in any direction.=20

This class is a prerequisite for The Quarter Leather Clamshell Box.=20

Carolyn Chadwick, Instructor

November 20 & 21; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185


Pop-Up Structures

A special kind of creative magic awaits you in this workshop. Learn the =
basics of the folded pop-up structure, then progress through a series of =
more complicated 3D constructions. The results can be included in a book =
format or work alone as sculpture. A slide presentation on the history =
of moveable books will also be included.=20

Carol Barton, Instructor

December 4 & 5; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185


Coptic Binding 1
Learn a historic style of binding that is simple, elegant and durable. =
Coptic bookbinding is a non-adhesive technique with a flexible exposed =
spine and can feature either flexible or rigid covers (which can be made =
from such diverse materials as wood, Plexi-glas or metal). Coptic-bound =
books lay open perfectly flat and can be opened to 360 degrees. Students =
will fold, punch and sew four text blocks each utilizing different cover =
variation. Each student will also learn to bend needles to the necessary =
shape needed for making this ancient book structure. No previous binding =
experience necessary.

Susan Mills, Instructor

December 4 & 5; 10 am to 4 pm

$215 / CBA members $190=20



Designing Images Through Papercutting=20

This class is an introduction to the tradition of papercutting from =
various cultures and will show students how to use paper for decorative =
artwork and illustration.  Instead of using pen, pencil or paint brush, =
participants will create paper images to use as shadows, color and =
collage, as well as explore ways to illustrate books and decorate =
covers, labels, cards and lamps using cutouts. Students will also be =
shown how to use different sources such as photographs and line drawings =
to develop papercuttings. Specific skills for making cutouts and =
stencils will be demonstrated, plus the array of different forms of =
papers and tools that can also be used. Tips, tricks and resources will =
be provided.

Beatrice Coron, instructor

One day, Sunday, October 3; 10 am to 4 pm

$100 / CBA members $75
Blind And Gold Tooling=20
This workshop is an introduction to gold and blind tooling, also known =
as finishing. It's a great way to add elegant decorations to a leather =
book cover, box or label. After a brief discussion of traditional =
techniques, students will then practice hand- on to apply gold to =
plaquettes of goatskin. The use of both foil and gold leaf will be =

Carolyn Chadwick, instructor

One day, Saturday, October 23; 10 am to 4 pm

$115 / CBA members $90


Edge Gilding
In this one-day workshop, students will learn the traditional methods of =
edge gilding. Gilding the edge of a bookblock is not only a sumptuous =
finishing for pages, but serves to protect books from the effects of =
pollutants like dust. Students will also learn about using gold and the =
variety of traditional gilders' tools. Students are asked to bring an =
already prepared bookblock to class to gild. The pages must be cut =
cleanly and not torn or deckled for this process to work.=20
 Karen Gorst, instructor
One day, Saturday, October 30; 10 am to 4 pm
$115 / CBA members $90

Decorative Gilding on Paper
Gold leaf has a reputation of being fussy or precious but this one day =
workshop will show students how to use it easily for a great visual =
effect. Add sparkle to printed titles or photocopied initials. Sprinkle =
gold dust in the margins or add broad strokes of gold in illustrations. =
Artists who want to use gold without frustration, will learn several =
relatively painless gilding methods for working on prints, photocopies =
and plain paper.=20
 Karen Gorst, instructor
One day,Sunday, October 31; 10 am to 4 pm
$115 / CBA members $90


Pochoir is a stencil technique that has a multitude of possibilities for =
the visual and book artist. It has long been used as a method of adding =
color to etchings and lithographs, but artists such as Matisse and =
Delauney have used it to create entire images. Participants will cut =
numerous stencils in order to build up multi-layered images from a =
variety of materials. Students will learn to use an electric stencil =
cutter. This workshop will also explore the different paint and ink =
application techniques for creating either bold layers or thin =
transparent accumulations of color.

Sloane Madureira, instructor
November 20 & 21; 10 am to 4 pm
$210 / CBA members $185


Japanese Water-based Woodblock Printing

Create images using the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style of printing =
by hand, still widely used in Japan. Students will learn by carving a =
block of a simple image and then printing it, then make multi-colored =
blocks with a variety of carving techniques. The use of proper tools =
(such as carving, brushes and others), different from the western style =
of printmaking, will be discussed thoroughly. Each student will make two =
or three prints of small editions during this workshop.

Takuji Hamanaka, instructor

Wednesday nights, 8 sessions, September 22 through

November 10; 6 to 9 pm

$370 / CBA members $345


The Artist's Book: A Personal Journey

This class is for anyone who wants to combine text and images to  =
communicate ideas, emotions or stories by creating a unique or small =
edition artist book. Students should bring a short prose piece or poem, =
photos, paintings, drawings and found objects. They will be introduced =
to a variety of printing processes including wood and linoleum block  =
printing, color laser transfer, typesetting, photopolymer and engraving =
plate printing. In addition, computer prints, monoprints, collage and =
stenciling will be demonstrated. Students will get an introduction to =
the etching and the Vandercook presses and will use them to create their =
works. Techniques for transferring type, paper choices, simple bindings, =
 book covers and slip covers will also be presented. Each individual =
will be encouraged to work at a pace comfortable to them in completing =
their artist's book.=20

Students will incur polymer and engraving platemaking costs.=20

Previous printing and bookbinding experience helpful but not necessary.

Mindy Belloff, instructor=20

Mikhail Magaril, woodcut and bookbinding demonstrations

Tuesday nights, 10 sessions, September 28 through

November 30; 6 to 9 pm

$350 / CBA members $325

Letterpress 1

Learn to print your own text for stationery, broadsides, books, business =
cards and using traditional printing techniques.   Participants will =
learn the fundamentals of hand typesetting and letter press printing on =
our Vandercook presses in this course designed for those without prior =
printing experience. Students will be taught the California job case, =
composition, lock-up, inking and press maintenance, as well as printing =
from photo-engravings and polymer plates. Typography and editioning will =
be discussed.

Sayre Gaydos, instructor

Wednesday nights, 8 sessions (no Nov. 24 class), October 13 through

December 8; 6 to 9 pm

$275 / CBA members $250


Image and Text at Peter Kruty Editions
Ready to venture one subway stop into Brooklyn to one of New York's =
premiere letterpress studios? Peter Kruty and Sayre Gaydos will show =
participants how to handset metal type from their collection, how to =
set-up and print on the Vandercook cylinder press and how use a =
combination of metal type and photopolymer image plates. Additional =
topics will include: basic typography; how to order monotype; how to =
select the right paper for your project; how to choose and mix ink =
colors; how to manipulate image and text printing in the Vandercook; and =
how to create simple but effective binding structures.=20
No experience is necessary, but more experienced participants will be =
encouraged to work at their own pace.
Location: Peter Kruty Editions, 85 North Third Street (at Bedford Ave., =
the first subway stop on L train) in Brooklyn.=20
Peter Kruty and Sayre Gaydos, instructors
Two weekends. October 2 & 3 and October 9 & 10; 10:30 am to 5:00 pm
$420 / CBA members $370
Paper Lithography

This one day class will show participants how to create direct, resist =
transfer prints using a laser photocopy as a plate to transfer images =
onto art paper. This printmaking technique adds atmosphere and a =
painterly quality to many types of images for books or prints. The =
course will combine demonstrations with some hands-on experience in the =
printing process. Discussion and examples of the techniques will be =

No prior printmaking experience is required.=20

Kyle Gallup, instructor

One day, Saturday, October 2; 10 am to 4 pm

$115 / CBA members $90

Collagraph Printing
In this workshop, students will learn how to make images using this =
relief form of printmaking which utilizes texture (such as lace, dried =
leaves and flowers, sand, more) to create a collage effect. Participants =
will explore several different methods of making collagraph plates, =
printing on an etching press and ways to bind prints into a book format. =
A suite of prints will be bound in a pamphlet- stitched book.=20
No printing or binding experience is necessary.
Ben Rinehart, instructor
October 23 and 24; 10 am to 4 pm=20
$210 / CBA members $185
Beginning Letterpress Intensive
Ready to print your own stationery, business cards or broadsides? This =
is a quick introductory course for traditional letterpress printing of =
text and image. Students will investigate the fundamentals of =
typesetting and press work in this course designed for those without =
prior printing experience. Students will learn composition, lock-up, =
inking, maintenance, printing from photo-engravings as well as the =
proper paper selection.=20

Ben Rinehart, instructor

November 6 & 7; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185


Photocopy Transfers and the Book

This workshop introduces participants to the etching press and the =
techniques used for creating text and images on archival paper from =
laser photocopies. Students should come with color laser copies of =
photographs, paintings, or other images, as well as blocks of text. =
Simple binding techniques will be shown and students will use the prints =
to make a single visual book.

Mindy Belloff, instructor

November 13 & 14; 10 am to 4 pm

$225 / CBA members $200


NEW! Designing and Creating Holiday Cards with Hand Stamp Printing=20

Produce unique holiday (or year-round) cards in a variety of sizes and =
shapes with your own handmade handstamp. This workshop shows students =
the possibilities of creating image and text with handmade stamp designs =
and printmaking on the etching press. Learn to make colorful =
one-of-a-kind or multiple editions of linocut, chin colle (a method of =
adding color or pattern with paper similar to collage).=20

No printing experience necessary.

Ben Rinehart, instructor

November 20 & 21; 10 am to 4 pm

$210 / CBA members $185


Hand-Papermaking: A Kitchen Guide
This workshop is geared for those who would like to make paper at home =
but have limited resources and space. In this introductory yet =
exploratory workshop, students will be taught the basics of =
hand-papermaking and also some innovative paper techniques that =
incorporate colored pulps, laminated forms and watermarks. Explore an =
ancient craft with a few modern twists.

 Marie-Celeste Edwards, instructor

September 25 & 26; 10 am to 4 pm

$185 / CBA members $160

Hand-Papermaking and the Art of the Book
Designed for book artists who want to use handmade paper in their books, =
this hands-on workshop will address technical issues like fiber choices, =
pH, the use of pigments versus dyes and internal versus surface sizing. =
Students will explore alternative structures using watermarks, laminated =
spine bindings, deckled accordion structures, book screens as well as =
experiment with surface textures. Beginners are welcome!=20

 Marie-Celeste Edwards, instructor

October 16 & 17; 10 am to 4 pm

$200 / CBA members $175


 Registration begins immediately and continues throughout the semester. =
You are encouraged to register early, as class size is usually limited =
to six to eight students and are filled on a first-come, first-served =
basis. You may register in person, by mail with a check, Visa or =
Mastercard or over the phone or fax with Visa or Mastercard.

***Please note that we cannot reserve your place in a class without =
having received full payment.


If you cancel at least 14 days before the first class meeting we will =
refund or credit your tuition balance, excluding $50. If you cancel less =
than 14 days prior to the first meeting or drop out of a class in =
progress, you will lose your full tuition.=20

***Please note that membership dues are not refundable.

If a class must be cancelled by the Center due to under-enrollment, =
students will be notified and the full tuition will be refunded or =
credited. If a class has already been filled when a student's payment is =
received, the full amount will be refunded or credited.


The experience of learning bookmaking is important to us. Classes tend =
to be comprehensive and a lot of information is covered in each =
workshop. Participants who miss a session may not be allowed to rejoin =
the class if the instructor deems that catching up the student would be =
detrimental to everyone else in the class. The Center will not be =
responsible for absent students who are not allowed to rejoin a class =
and no refund or credit will be made for the remainder of the session.

Print this REGISTRATION FORM and mail or fax it back to=20

The Center for Book Arts, 28 West 27th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY  =

Phone: 212/481-0295

Fax: 212/481-9853

Name: ________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________

City: __________________ State: ___________ Zip: __________

Day Phone: ____________________Eve Phone:__________________


CLASSES / WORKSHOPS             DATES                   TUITION





          TUITION TOTAL__________


___ Associate  ($40)

___ Supporting  ($100) =20

___ Patron  ($250)

___ Benefactor  ($500)

___ Sustaining ($1,000)

___ Master Benefactor  ($2,500)


 Building Fund Donation_____

GRAND TOTAL_________

VISA / MC # _______________________________________________________

EXP DATE:______________ SIGNATURE:_____________________________

Please Send: Artist Member Application: _________   Volunteer Info:  =

My employer has a matching gift fund: =


Allergy Alert: The Center is home to Lizzie the cat!


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