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repair costs

        The last Guild of Bookworkers Newsletter has a brief article in the
"Noteworthy" section titled "Musings on Fee Settings" which lays out
results of a poll at a GBW conference 12 years ago: cloth case binding
ranging from $13-18 in Indiana to $40 in Massachusetts, 3 hours for a
cloth case, 15-20 for full leather, etc.
        This has spawned a discussion here in the shop on binding fees. For
instance, "Does half-calf binding take just as much time as full calf?"
"Isn't 3 hours a long time for recasing a book in cloth?" "How could it
possibly take 15-20 hours for a full leather binding unless you're doing
extensive tooling or onlays?"

        Would anyone be willing to share estimates of the time involved in
standard (if there is such a thing) repairs and rebinding? Prices

Bob and Jill

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