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Paring machine tips?

Dear Paula,

Possessing superior technique I'm sure you never resort to the crude apparatus mentioned
below, but could you give me some hints? --Dave.

PS: We're having my mom & dad over this evening. It's his 69th birthday. The bible I was
(and unfortunately still am) recovering for his b-day is not ready. Sliced a pretty big
hole in the $125 skin yesterday morning. Luckily, Pam helped me repair it so the piece of
leather can still be used.

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I've been using both a Brockman and Schaer-fix to do initial paring of leather. Problem
I'm having is that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get the cutting mechanism
parallel to the roller/bar. End up with valleys and ridges that are then a pain to work

Does anyone have any tips on what I could do get the blade & roller parallel to cut down
on the amount of time (and frustration) it takes to pare? --Dave.

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas

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