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Gutenburg's press

Not sure how many of you have or might have the opportunity to visit the
Gutenburg Museum in Mainz--seems like something was on here before about
an exhibit there or whatever.  We were in Germany twice for three years
each and it was one of my all time favorite museums.  In fact, I won't go
to most museums anymore after touring so many in Europe, and seeing so
many things that my brain just went on overload, but this is one I could
never get enough of--always fun for all ages--took several field trips
with my students to it.  Things changed in some areas all the time, but
others stayed the same.  It truly is a must see if you're ever there.
Another favorite in Germany, though I'm not remembering anytyhing
particularly book arts related is the Romanisch one right by Cologne

Eileen E.

If you would be loved, love another. If you would be understood, show
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