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Re: Paring machine tips?

In response to David's question about making the roller mechanism parallel
with a Scharf-fix...I hunker down and look at the blade edge, bring it right
down onto the roller to level it and then give it a try. Back off the blade,
set in the leather you are planning to pare (do a test first!), bring the
blade down onto the leather and turn your mechanism's screw a tiny amount to
achieve a bit of depth through the suede side. Be sure your blade is really
new and sharp. Small ridges usually mean miniscule nicks in the razor blade

Try taking down less thickness with each pass, rather than a deep pare, at
each run through. Little by little works for me, though there are many brave
souls who like to get through this job more quickly and cut much more deeply.

You might also consider keeping a tiny bevel on the work, as making turn-ins
usually requires a bit of slope coming over the board edge. If you're doing
your paring for onlays, then flat is necessary. But if the onlays are for
large areas, then you may be needing to bevel those edges a bit as well. What
are you working on?

As in all things, practice makes...you know what I mean!

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