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Re: Paring machine tips?

Hi David,

I replied to your query on the list, so you'll see it! So will everyone else
- just wanting folks to know that I have NOT disappeared from the bookbinding
scene. You know what I mean...

Sliced a hold in the leather, huh? For me, that usually offers an opportunity
to alter my design a bit. Nothing is insalvageable.

Today, I had my first interview - this for an ultrasound technology job.
Considering that it's been about 20 years since I worked in the field, I
understand the reticence of the department in the clininc. I was asking in my
inimitable way IF it might be POSSIBLE for me to intern so that I could
re-familiarize (re-tool?) myself with equipment and such. I mean, anatomy and
phusiology haven't changed...but no, they could not do this due to the
possibility of litigation problems. So, these kind folks told me I should go
back to school!

You have to understand the pathetic humor of the situation. There I was with
the director of patient services and the chief ultrasound technologist...and
they actually told me that I MIGHT be able to get a job....as a receptionist.

Yikes! Back to paring leather... Oh yes, to top it off, got a letter from
Karen Crisalli renieging on the bookbinding commission she gave me a while
back. She asked me to send the book back to her "at my convenience." I'm sure
glad I hadn't started on the thing!

Ta ta,

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