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Re: Gutenburg's press

In a message dated 9/4/99 4:51:09 AM, fligamapoof@JUNO.COM writes:

<< the Gutenburg Museum in Mainz >>

This is a treasure-house of museums and has a special section devoted to
bookbinding. The bookbinding museum-within-the museum was established by Mr.
Peterson, the father of Dag-Ernst Peterson, who is head of book conservation
at the August Hertzog Library in Wolfenbuttel. Definitely worth a visit!

The printing portion of the museum showcases presses from all eras as well as
the development of typefaces and type founding. There is a working model,
life-size, of the shop Gutenberg might have had and an extensive collection
of information on hand papermaking. A great gift shop with many volumes on
the arts of the book is also on the premises. I took students there a couple
of years ago, and we also had a special tour of the conservation department,
which I arranged prior to our visit.

One should also make the uphill trek to the Church of St. Stephen to view the
Chagall windows. On the way, there is a bookbindery which celebrated its
100th anniversary in the 1990's...with a shrine on the corner and red roses
growing up the wall.

Paula Marie Gourley

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