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Bob Brown

I am writing to see if anyone on this list is familiar with the work of Bob
Brown.  He published a transcript called READIES for Bob Brown's Machine in
1931.  I am not sure if this Bob Brown was known by any other names or if
he is related to Robert Delford Brown.  The Bob Brown who published this
book and reading machine lived during the first half of this century.  He
actually built a machine to read contemporary poetry -- the machine is
contained in a wooden box and the reader cranks the prepared transcripts of
poetry by other poets, and with a special binocular lens, the reader spins
through the prepared transcripts (that resemble ticker tape).  The book
contains these prepared transcripts.  Brown believed in actually setting
the poems in literal motion -- instead of talkies: readies.  He is
mentioned in a couple of books (and on one web-site) including one of his
poems in Rothenberg's Revolution of the Word:  A New Gathering of American
Avant Garde Poetry, 1914-1945 and in McGann's Black Riders.  If you have
any information about Brown, or know where I can learn more about him, I am
greatful for any help or information.

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