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Type & related for sale (after long delay)

I originally posted this back in March, with much less detail, but never
had a chance to get the proper inventory done until just recently.

If you want to come see any of the materials, pretty much the only workable
times for me are Sunday afternoons. I'm going to do this as a sort of
auction, in two rounds. I'll take first round bids and then let everyone
know what the high bids are, and then take second round bids for the final
price. Ties will go to the first bidder.

Please note that these are being sold on a pick-up only basis. I will not
ship; note that it took me 6 months just to go down to make a list of what
was there. Preparing it for shipping is much more effort than I care to make.

Lot 1:
Plantin (monotype metal):
10 roman 10 cases
1 case each with the following:
10 italic
9/10 italic
12 italic
12, 9/10 roman (california case, with each compartment subdivided with
18, 14 roman (as above)
18, 14 italic (as above)
9/10, 10, 12 s.c. (three part caps case)

Lot 2:
Samson (foundry metal)
2 cases, filled to the brim with 14pt Samson

Lot 3:
Stereotype initials: rare type created during world war 2 metal shortages.
Stereotype plates mounted type high and cut to size for use as initials,
various designs mixed together.

Lot 4:
Type in wrappers: Century Schoolbook Italic 18, lc, caps, figs, Perpetua 18

Lot 5:
Pi'd type in galleys, mostly display sizes of Cheltenham, plus some Perpetua

Lot 6:
Approximately 100 galleys, galley cabinet, assorted slugs, leads and reglets

Lot 7:
Cast iron nipping press for binding.

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