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Re: New York and Michigan

Sorry, can't help you in Detroit; but if you go to my web site
and click WOID you'll find lots of listings of galleries, stores,
etc. in NYC.

As for book arts exhibits, etc., they're often listed or mentioned on WOID
- the journal, which you can subscribe to as per the instructions below.

Welcome to Noo Yawk, da Book Ahts Capital of da WOILD!

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Laura Russell wrote:
> I will be visiting lower Michigan (Detroit, Grand Rapids) next week and
> Manhattan during Thanksgiving week and would like visit any retail
> stores that carry handmade papers, leather or bookbinding supplies. I
> always stop at Kate's in New York when I'm there, but wondered if there
> are any other places I should visit.
> Also, does anybody know of any artist books exhibits going on in either
> place?

Paul Werner, New York City
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     WOID: a journal of visual language in New York, including reviews,
listings and resources.

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