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(Fwd) Re: A Russian Capitalist Abandons the Rat Race to Pursue

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Subject:                Re: A Russian Capitalist Abandons the Rat Race to Pursue a Lost              Art
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Date sent:              Wed, 8 Sep 1999 07:19:22 -0400

Perhaps the bitterness should have been directed toward the NY Times.  They were the ones
who said that he gave up all for this art -- true, they later told us
that he was well-to-do, etc.  It is very possible that he did not say
that he gave up everything.   The article might better have focused
on the work, i.e., shown images of his exceptional work, thus
concentrating on what was important.

Of course the good art is not necessarily the one that does not
sell.  But we all know that it is difficult to sell art in this world, that
some of us will make money at art but that the majority will not.  I
am a poet, too, and that's even less lucrative.  But I chose this life,
and I don't regret it for a minute.  I teach to make ends meet, and I
run a nonprofit small press and literary organization and sell the
occasional piece of art.  Nobody forced me to do this.  I am doing
exactly what I want to do.

Betha Rogers

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