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Re: post bindings

>Maybe I got this question wrong, but I want to distinguish between post
>binders and loose leaf/ring binders.  If you have things in sheet protectors
>there is just the narrow edge with the holes in it which is free to
>move--otherwise your document or photo in the sheet protector is bent when
>turning the page.  So I think you want a ring binder for these.

When I put sheet protectors in ring binders, the sheets are not held tight;
it's hard to leaf through them, and they tend to get bent easily.

When I put sheet protectors in post binders ... I'm happy.

Even if you don't agree with me, please respect my right to my own form of
happiness and please respond to the questions re-posted below if you know
the answers:

>In a similar vein:  I would like to bind collections of material already in
>mylar sheet protectors in post binders.  Can anyone refer me to a source
>for such binders in appropriate sizes to hold:
>-sheet protectors for 8-1/2 by 11 documents
>-sheet protectors for 8-1/2 by7 14 documents
>PS Can anyone recommend sources for 8-1/2 by 14 (side-hole punched) mylar
>sheet protectors?


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