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Re: post bindings

Custom sizes, contact someone like Ocker and Trapp in Emerson, NJ. While
they don't have a webpage, they do have email and someone is on the list.
They can make them out of mylar with their ultrasonic welder in any size
and drill holes where you want them. The cost, that you'll have to talk to
them about, but it will be dependent on size and qty. Other places that
could do that are ICI in Greensboro, NC.

URL's for the other vendors, go to the Book Arts Web, Links, then
Conservation sites... They're all at the bottom of that page, but be
aware, online product offering is skimpy so you'll want to request a

URL to the Book Arts Web, list website/homepage... is in my sig file and
the "banner" which you can now find on EVERY message. Poke around. I'm
sure you'll find what you're looking for.



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