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Poor or Rich--is it talent or not?

This argument reminds me of a discussion my SIL and I had once.  She's
got a Masters in Art so thinks she knows it all--thinks she knows it all,
anyway!!  She says the great artists rose to the top no matter what and
would have been discovered no matter what.  I don't.  I think there's
been potential great artists everywhere and in every time, but
circumstances perhaps kept that art buried.   Perhaps wealth is a burden
as well as a blessing--whether Prince Charles has/had any talent or not,
do you think he'd be able to pursue it?!?!?.  I say "hurrah" for this man
now pursuing his talents--so what if he were to live in a palace and own
a lear jet?

My mother's a talented basket maker--didn't start until in her late 60's,
but she has the most wonderful way of presenting food on a plate.  That
and beautiful hand dipped candies were her contribution to the arts while
I was growing up--between work and home that was her only time to really
express herself.  Is she less of an artist?  I don't think so.

Eileen E.

If you would be loved, love another. If you would be understood, show
understanding to another. If you would find peace, harmony, and
happiness, lift another.  --  Richard G. Scott

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