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Re: (Fwd) Re: A Russian Capitalist Abandons the Rat Race to Pursue

Bertha Rogers wrote:

> Of course the good art is not necessarily the one that does not
> sell.  But we all know that it is difficult to sell art in this world, that
> some of us will make money at art but that the majority will not.  I
> am a poet, too, and that's even less lucrative.  But I chose this life,
> and I don't regret it for a minute.  I teach to make ends meet, and I
> run a nonprofit small press and literary organization and sell the
> occasional piece of art.  Nobody forced me to do this.  I am doing
> exactly what I want to do.

Nobody forced you to do this,  etc -- but it still more than a little annoying to hear of the "sacrifices"
made by the rich to pursue their art (while they drive the jaguar from their primary source of income).
It's galling to hear someone who didn't really sacrifice all that much praised as some kind of True Artistic
Martyr because it's hypocritical.  I for one did not take that to mean any ill-will toward this Eastern
artist at all -- I took your "bitterness" as being aimed at the hypocrisy of how art,  and artists,  are



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