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Re: A Russian Capitalist

i don't think the bitterness is directed towards Mr. Suspitsyn.
i think the frustration is with the media who continue to write sensationalist
articles like this one, perpetuating these long-suffering-artist stereotypes,
which in Mr. Suspitsyn's case, doesn't appear to be apply anyway.


J Laflamme wrote:

> We are really surprised by all those bitter comments, about Mr. Suspitsyn.
> Is it just envy , is he to good, to successful or just out of the circle ?
> Why when Philip Smith's book is sold for 60.000 it didn't cause so many
> petty,
> full of jealously
> comments?
> So is the good art that one that does not sell ?
> We sell our work and because it is so good it sells so well, and we do not
> blush
> while  writing it.
> So cheer up dear  professional colleagues,  your BIG DAY will come !!!
> What we sincerely whish for all of you ( meaning those with bitter comments)

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