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Re: A Russian Capitalist Abandons the Rat Race to Pursue...

Along the same lines was an article in USAir's August issue of Attache
magazine about Luke Ives Pontifell's Thornwillow Press
<http://thornwillow.com> which he founded at age 16 when he taught himself
to typeset, print, bind, and market. He published a few books on his own,
living edition to edition (apparently while going to Harvard), and then
bought a papermill in the Czech Republic and the rest is history... He's 30
now. Definitely born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the editions
look quite nice in terms of printing and production... Nothing to sneeze
at. The tone of the article was the same lost, dying art thing. However, he
is successful, had a vision, and is living his dream. Assets help, that's
for sure, but to succeed you also need drive, determination, and a vision.
He seems to have that too. It's interesting how we measure success too.

Just something else I found which went along with this thread.


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