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Re: Scroll format

Have you thought of having a woodturner make the handles? Also, a wood lathe
may have some sort of dividing head so the turner can mark lines on the
handle evenly spaced around the rim, these could be a guide for carving the

Mahogany is what I would use, it carves  well and finishes well . But you
live in South Africa and there must many local woods that would do a great
job but be totally unknown to carvers in North America

As for holding the paper, one idea would be to have a slit in the rod that a
tongue of the paper could go through, or perhaps the rod could be split in
half, the two halves could be clamped together by the handles. A turner can
make a split rod by temporarily gluing two pieces of wood together, turning
them as one piece, then breaking it apart.

> I'm planning a piece of work at the moment which is going to involve =
> text bound in a scroll format.  I'd like to achieve a likeness with the =
> traditional Torah scroll idea, which has a wooden stick with two =
> disc-like 'stoppers' at each end.  I am stuck with how to attach the =
> paper to the wood.  The paper I'm planning to use might be embalmed in =
> beeswax - I'm not yet sure.  I'm going to ask a couple of local =
> religious authorities, but would be very interested in feedback from =
> this list too. =20
> The other aspect to my project is the handles of this thing, which I'd =
> like to be able to carve in a fairly detailed manner.  Could you =
> recommend a wood which would be soft enough for this, but strong enough =
> to withstand being rolled and unrolled?
> thanks. =20
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