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nits & inks in Paris

Shakespeare and Co in Paris - yes, thanks for the correction. Part of the
story of Silvia Beach and the original store on the rue de l'Odeon is
detailed in the book, Women of the Left Bank.

George Whitman, at my last visit to Paris in 1998, was still running the shop
which is filled with new and used books at Paris prices and bins of freebies
and low-cost paperbacks outside. If one is willing and interested in working
for exchange for a place-to stay (yup, a crash pad) it is possible and there
are special visits allowed to the upstairs where the book collections

All in all, a great place to spend an afternoon, recharging one's batteries.
Then go into the little church of St. Julien-le-Pauvre just nearby and admire
the icons. A humble and lovely spot with occasional free or low-cost concerts
in the evenings.

Nancy Cunard also had the Hours Press in Paris for a time, after moving from
Normandy, though I'm not sure of the address...and then, of course, there is
Colette's apartment overlooking the Palais Royale....and a little ink shop
called Encre Violette (near the Picasso Museum and the Marais) where there
are large crystal decanters with silver spigots, filled with inks of all
colors, from forget-me-not to Violet to canary yellow and emerald. You can
buy bottles to fill there - or bring your own. So many treasures!

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