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Re: Time to guillotine

American Graphic Arts (in New Jersey) is also a source for used bookbinding
equipment.  I just got a guillotine from them last month and one at a previous
workplace a couple years ago.  They also have boardshears, presses, job backers,
etc, etc.  Their web address is:


I don't have a lot of experience with newer guillotines, but the old cast-iron
models seem to last forever if you maintain them.  And they will cut through
anything as long as the blade is sharp.  Am.Graphic Arts includes a second blade
with their guillotines, which makes it very convenient when it is time to
sharpen the blade.

As for padding above and the below the stack of paper you are cutting, I've
never had any problems with the cutting stick in the table service as long as
the blade is adjusted properly to just meet, but not cut into the cutting stick.
I also adhere a piece of thin binders board (.050-.070") to the clamp so that
they strange looking "U" shapes on the clamp don't mark the top surface.  I find
it more convenient to do glue this on once rather than place a board on top of
your stack each time you want to cut.


--- Charles Schermerhorn <schermie@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
Don't know where you live, but Pacific Paper Cutter Co. in Los Angeles has
excellent ones, completely reconditioned, for somewhere around $900 to a
thousand.  3690 Santa Fe Blvd., Vernon, 90058.  Phone 213-588-9138.  I talked to
someone named Lawrence.
    I bought one of theirs off a local binder who died last year, and it will
easily cut ream after ream of paper.  Caution, don't rely on the built-in
under the blade as protection.  Always put a piece of board under whatever
cutting, and one on top to prevent imprint from the clamping surfaces.
--- end of quote ---

 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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