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Fw: binding

 This request was sent to me, I can't help so am forwarding to the list.
reply direct to  Franklin Sutton <fsutton@surfsouth.com>
Gail Stiffe
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> From: Franklin Sutton <fsutton@surfsouth.com>
> To: stiffe@BLUEP.COM
> Subject: binding
> Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 8:57 AM
> I am planing on publishing a family genealogy and offer periodic
> updates. To fill my binding needs, I need a supplier to furnish a loose
> leaf binder with spindles spaced to receive the normal 3 hole punching
> on 8  by 11 paper. (3 spindles 4.25 inches apart) I am not hunting a
> common note book. The best way I know to describe it is a binding
> similar to those used by legal publishers to bind codes which are
> changed periodically. Also some bibles are published similarly. I also
> would like them to be sprinted on the spine and front cover.
> Franklin Sutton
> fsutton@surfsouth.com
> 912-324-3141 office
> 912-769-3141 home
> 912-324-2226 fax
> Box 686A Ellenton/Omega Road
> Norman Park, GA. 31771

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