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Re: Laser printer/paper question

While I cannot recommend the type of laser printer, I can certainly make some
paper recommendations for you:

Chautara Lokta paper, 65 grs., acid free, 20"x32" in white, natural and 21
colors.  Will the watercolors be western or oriental style? heavy duty or
washes? this will affect the choice of the paper, naturally.

Another paper that does very well with watermedia and is a favorite with
letterpress printers is our algodon white LW made in Colombia.  It also
performs flawlessly with a laser printer. Suk-Suka medium, h/m in the
Philippines will also take a wash very well.

If I get some more info on the type of watercolor that is going to be
applied, I can make more suggestions and send samples to the interested

Aimee Kligman
Victoria Paper Company, Inc.

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