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Medieval bookbinding-Szirmai

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Subject: Medieval bookbinding-Szirmai
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 Out at long last! For those interested in the subject, here is the
bibliographic info and a summary of the content.  I just got it, haven't
read it yet, so I can't give any comment on it yet.

  "The Archaeloglosy of Medieval Bookbinding", J.A. Szirmai, Ashgate
Publishing (UK and Vermont), 1999, i-xvi, 352pp.

  Part I The Mediterranean heritage
       Chap.1  single-quie Coptic codices (Nag Hammadi) 7-13
       Chap. 2  multi-quire Coptic (15-30)
             3 late Coptic   (32-43)
             4 Ethiopian codex 45-50
             5 Islamic codex   51-60
             6 Byzantine (includes Greek and Armenian) 62-90
   Part II Medieval codex in the Western World
             7 Carolingian (99-137)
             8 Romanesque  (140-171)
             9 Gothic      (173-275)
             10 limp bindings (285-317)
    Bibliography 320-345. Index 346-352)

   Each chapter covers such things as sewing and board attachment,
endband treatment, covering, boards, forwarding technique, decoration
and has a brief introduction. There are numerous diagrams, and a goodly
number of photos in black and white, but it is not a picture book.

  The address in the US for Ashgate is:
      Ashgate Publishing Company, Old Post Road, Brookfield, Vermont,
    05036-9704      tel.  802-276-3162

  I do not know the current price since I prepaid a while back, but it
is over $100.00.  I fear this will put it out of the reach of many
people, but I hope those of us who have access to a copy can help out
those who have trouble locating one.

Dorothy Africa



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