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Learn this

james linza wrote:
   > =

   > > Anything can be learned, and anyone can learn to be an artist. Of
   > > course, some will learn more successfully than others.
   > =

   > WRONG\

Dear Mr. Linza: =

First of all, "wrong" along with "right," "good," and "bad" are moral
judgments and as such are inapplicable to the discussion up to this point=
Should you insist on holding fast to your stance on this issue, the word =
ought to have chosen is "incorrect." But in so doing you would be, and in=
are, mistaken -- grossly so. To propagate the erroneous doctrine that onl=
some preordained few can be artists (or anything) harkens back to the eli=
and evil ideas and practices of Nazism & Apartheid and other authoritaria=
systems of totalitarianism. =

Furthermore, this idea taken to its logical end would hold that by some t=
remarkable set of circumstances and/or genetics only those few are capabl=
e of
being artists and they will all necessarily learn to be such equally well=
=2E The
logic in your thesis is at least faulty. In this opinion you are not only=

mistaken, and you are not even merely incorrect. You are wrong. =

Pray tell, Mr. Linza, just who *are* these people? Do throw open the port=
of your heaven and shower down upon us your list of names. =

   > =

   > > As for the metaphysics of this claim, I don't understand what you
   > > mean by "the core of being", or "the heart of an artist".
   > =


And please stop shouting. It's unnecessarily rude and fully out of charac=
with members of the gentry. -Vasily Jorjadze

Vasily Simon Jorjadze syn Pavlovskoi
        Dallas, Texas, USA

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