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Re: Medieval bookbinding-Szirmai

  I share your concern, Jan, that the price of the Szirmai book makes it
prohibitive.  As for future editions in paperback, I would hope that
Ashgate is in business for a profit, and therefore anxious to sell its
books.  Clearly it was anticipated that only libraries would be
interested in this one, with a few odd ball scholars here and there
perhaps.  They have badly mistaken its audience.  These days, most
libraries show more interest in computers than books, and scholars
are not richer than bookbinders.
   If they get enough requests for a paper back edition, I bet there
will be one.  The more people contacting Ashgate with that request, the
better.  In the meantime, as I said, it remains for those of us have
access to it to relay info to those who don't.  As I said, I haven't
read it yet, but I plan to this weekend.  If you have a particular
interest, let me know and I will see if there are a couple pages in
this I can photocopy to send you.

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