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Biblio Back Issues (fwd)

FYI: Please do not respond to the list, but contact them directly. As many
of you know, Biblio ceased publication earlier this year.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 11:39:33 -0700
From: Damara M Bouchet <dbouchet@asterpub.com>
To: circulation@bibliomag.com
Subject: Biblio Back Issues

Dear Biblio Reader:

We were consolidating our storage facility and came across a limited
number of Biblio back issues. And while we do not have a large amount,
we would like to present them to you at a discounted rate of 50% off the
previously printed price. Please see below for the pricing structure
(shipping included).*

Individual Copies (prices are per copy)

Volume One - 1996 (Vol.1, #1 - Sold Out)
$12.50(US)      $15.00(Canada)  $20.00(Foreign)

Volume Two - 1997 (Vol.2, #3 - Sold Out)
$10.00(US)      $12.50(Canada)  $17.50(Foreign)

Volume Three - 1998
$10.00(US)      $12.50(Canada)  $17.50(Foreign)

Volume Four - 1999 (Vol.4, #2 - Sold Out; Vol.4, #3 - Sold Out; Vol.4,
#4 - Sold Out)
$10.00(US)      $12.50(Canada)  $17.50(Foreign)

***Sold out issues available in Volume Sets***

Volume Sets (does not including slipcase)

Volume One - 1996(3 issues)
$50(US) $57.50(Canada)  $62.50(Foreign)

Volume Two - 1997(12 issues)
$90.00(US)      $100.00(Canada) $110.00(Foreign)

Volume Three - 1998(12 issues)
$90.00(US)      $100.00(Canada) $110(Foreign)

Volume Four - 1999(4 issues)
$40.00(US)      $50.00(Canada)  $60.00(Foreign

To order back issues at this special price simply contact us, and
mention that you received this email:
send an email to dbouchet@asterpub.com
call 1-800-840-3810 (within the US) or +541-345-3800 (outside the US)
Fax your order to +541-302-9872
Mail your order to:     PO Box 10603
                        Eugene, OR  97440

* All orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank or by
Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. Slipcases
not included. Offer expires 9/30/99 and is limited to availability of
Damara Bouchet
Subscription Fulfillment Manager
Single Copy Sales Manager
Aster Publishing Corporation

Publisher of:
Mercator's World -- The Magazine of Maps, Exploration and Discovery

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