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Re: Laser printer/paper question

In a message dated 9/10/99 12:58:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
virginia@GROVE.NET writes:

<< 2.   The size has yet to be determined.   I think it depends on a
 combination of available paper and equipment to produce the book and (of
 course) their budget.
     Another question from me, ---what's a source for the Southworth paper? >>

A good place to start would be the HP 5000 tabloid-size printer, 11":x17" I
believe you should be able to hand feed larger, ie longer than 17", sized
paper, but you might want to check.These are economical printers with superb
print quality.  The question that I cannot answer for you is what papers are
available in tabloid size.

I get my Southworth paper at Office Depot which has a nice selection of
business papers.  Rather doubt it would be available in tabloid size.
dt fletcher

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