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Laser printers

Marie Celeste Edwards wrote:  .. Some laser printers have adjustable roller
heights... snip ...

Which ones?

A few years ago, I ran electrostatic paper printing plates through my HP laser
printer and got wonderful reproductions of the images direct from computer
word processing programs -- much better than the standard platemaking machines
that use a liquid-carrier method of depositing the carbon particles on the
electrostatic image. The printing was wonderful. Unfortunately the printer
cracked the coating on the plates and that resulted in a slight haze in the
background. I tried to get Hewlett Packard to help me adjust the rollers
because I thought the pressure was causing the cracking.  Got absolutely
nowhere -- nobody there understood what I was trying to do --they just kept
warning me that any changes to the machine would terminate the warranty.

I would like to try this again if I could find a laser printer with adjustable
rollers and preferably a straight through feed.

By the way --  I used this system for about a year -- in spite of the haze.
But had to stop when the plates refused to hold the image for more than a few
impressions --- I never did find out why and the plate manufacturer was no
help because I was using the plates in a "strange way" -- neither they nor
Hewlett Packard seemed to understand what a great thing it would be if you
could image plates routinely in a standard laser printer. There were companies
that made laser printers for this application-- but they were very expensive.
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