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Re: black paper

the only black paper which will laser print (my assumption from the request)
from my experience is made by letraset.  it is made for use with the omnicrom
and colortag systems of applying colored films to the toner, so it works very
well in a laser printer.  i have used it to apply the films, and the toner
heat sets enough for that - and that's saying a lot.

they recently closed down distribution for all letraset products on their
own, and set up with an art supply distributor to do it for them.  find a
local art supply store which orders from MacPherson's to get it for you.

i don't know anything about the acid content of this paper.  if that is a
factor, you'll have to do some research.  the only acid-free, black papers
we've found to stock in our art store are Canson Mi-Tientes, Arches Cover
Black, Stonehenge Black, and Fabriano Tiziano.

these should be checked for too much texture (mi-tientes released when i
attempted to apply the film and would definitely need to be heated after
printing) or too thick.

art outfitters
little rock, arkansas, u.s.a.

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