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I am rebinding an old church record book.  As I took it apart I found a
dozen or so little notes which had been placed here & there between pages.
What's the current recommended practice with things like this?

1--put them loose where they were found
2--tip them in where they were found
3--tip all of them in on a page at the end of the book

The notes are additional notes of births, marriages, etc.  I have not
checked them against the book itself to see if these are additions to the
book or are copies of information already in the book.

I should mention that there are long extents of blank pages (10 - 15 pages)
and that some of these notes were found in those sections.  Probably no one
has seen them in 60 or more years and if I put them back where I found them
they will probably not be noticed by people looking for information in the

Mark W. Arend
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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