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pH testing pen source/Bookkeeper product

Hi List:

After getting help from you folks on this list, I bought a pH test made by
Garvey(Neutral 7) at SamFlax for about $5.

Does anyone know the accuracy of these pens.  It seems good to me.

On a similiar note, is a 4-5 pH in danger of turning yellow if it is in the
form of a gessoed inkjet primed canvas?  I'm thinking of mounting it to
some board for a fabric cover and I'd like to know what problems I can
expect.  Also, even though off topic, if I put it behind glass as final
artwork, will I have any long-term problems?

Lastly, can I spray the Light Impressions aerosol product, "Bookkeeper" on
the canvas to lower the acid problem?

Thanks for any help.

-Andy Darlow

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