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Re: Being an artist is a process.

I love the passage that Isaac Walton wrote in The Compleat Angler about the
art of angling - obviously you can substitute any "medium" to his words...

"Sir, but that angling is an art, and an worth your learning. The question
is rather, whether you be capable of learning it? angling is somewhat like
poetry, men are to be born so: I mean, with inclinations to it, though both
may be heightened by discourse and practice: but he that hopes to be a good
angler, must not only bring an inquiring, searching, observing wit, but he
must bring a large measure of hope and patience, and a love and propensity
to the art itself; but having once got and practiced it, then doubt not but
angling will prove to be so pleasant, that it will prove to be, like virtue,
a reward to itself"

I especially like the inquiring, searching, observing wit, which I think is
essential. If you're not familiar with Walton, he wrote this in 1635.

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