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I am addressing this to the entire list in the hope that some of you can
help clear this up for me. I have been receiving Biblio since the
earliest issues and really welcomed it.  Recently, I renewed my
subscription for multiple years and sent in a large check to pay for my
renewal. I then found out from another source that Biblio was suspending
publication and selling its subscriber list to Harper's magazine, a
journal I wouldn't read if it were given to me for free.

I never once received any communciation from Biblio. I subsequently
received a form letter from Harper's saying they had bought my
subscription and would send me their magazine instead. There is no offer
of refund or anything. The people at Biblio are still in business and
now are devoting all of their attention to another venture, Mercator.

I am really pissed about the way all of this has been handled. I have
lost alot of money ( I call it theft since these people took my renewal
money when they already knew they were ceasing publication) and am now
receiving a magazine I have no interest in. I did call Biblio and they
were about as helpful and personal as the IRS. Worthless, utterly ,
worthless. They may live in Eugene, Oregon but the person on the phone
was a slick as a Madison Ave. type.

So, the whole reason for writing, finally. Can anyone out there tell me
why they stopped publication, why none of the subscribers were
contacted, etc. What happened? I believe that the subscribers have a
right to know. I have written to this list because I don't know where
else to turn and I noted that the people who took my money are now
advertizing back copies of Biblio on this list.

I was even contemplating a class action suit on the part of former
subscribers who lost money since some of you may see this on the
internet. Contact me, if interested. At the very least, we can seize
Mercator and the rest of their assets.

Harold Goodman

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