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Re: biblio-tsures

harold goodman wrote:

> I am addressing this to the entire list in the hope that some of you can
> help clear this up for me. I have been receiving Biblio since the
> earliest issues and really welcomed it.  Recently, I renewed my
> subscription for multiple years and sent in a large check to pay for my
> renewal. I then found out from another source that Biblio was suspending
> publication and selling its subscriber list to Harper's magazine, a
> journal I wouldn't read if it were given to me for free.


Write to them politely demanding your money back.  Meanwhile learn the
applicable law in this case -- you might start with 'breach of contract',
since you contracted for one thing and got another,  or contract law in
general.  Once you're sure of your legal correctness,  if the matter hasn't
been resolved,  write again explaining why legally they can't do what
they're doing.

You need to talk to the new magazine,  not the old one.

Let them know you're not going to drop the issue -- you do not want
Harper's,  you want a full refund of your money.  Contact Harper's ASAP.
That might be enough in and of itself -- if not,  you will have to hone your
negotiation skills (bets book IMO to start with is called  _Getting To
Yes_,  by Roger Fisher and William Ury) and/or you might have to learn how
to build a legal argument (might start with a book called   _How To Argue
And Win_ by Gerry Spence)

Best of luck,


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