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Re: Medieval bookbinding-Szirmai

  Jan, Jack and List-
    Not to worry, Jack, about my offer to photocopy from Szirmai's book
on behalf of others.  I do not intend to get into the business of
pirating Mr. Szirmai's book, though I doubt he will ever get the profit
from it we could all wish for him.  Books do cost money to produce and I
respect the need for copyright legislation.   A few relevant pages sent
in answer to a specific question or interest, however, falls within the
terms of fair use, I think.  Given the price of this book, it is also
reasonable to help people verify the relevance of the purchase in
advance.  Who will put down that kind of money with no assurance that
the book will answer the purchaser's questions, or suit the need?
  As Cor Knopps has pointed out, this book is expensive or very
expensive, depending on how many middle men and transporters are
envolved.  Inter-library loan may be adequate for those with a passive
interest in historical background, but those of us who make historical
models, have a professional interest or teach in history of the book, or
perform conservation treatments on early books will need to have it, not
some copied pages from it.

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