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Re: book fraud and biblio-tsures

At 09:38 PM 9/12/99 -0500, Laura wrote:
>THIS ABOVE ALL:  lawsuits -- court actions of any kind -- are NO FUN.
They can sap
>your life,  drain your bank account,  leave you with headaches and
insomnia and
>unexplainable lower back pains,  and even if you win,  the lawyer is often
the one
>who ends up with all the money!  So I advise you to treat court as a last
>and learn how else to get what you're entitled to.

Wasn't it Ambrose Bierce who defined a lawsuit as a machine which one
entered as a pig and exited as a sausage?

And as for getting money back, if you pay by credit card the company can
sometime help in cases like this.

Mark W. Arend, Scoutmaster
Troop 736
Beaver Dam, Wisc.

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