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Open Request For Journals & Artists Books


Rag & Bone Bindery, Jason Thompson & Rockport Publishing are pleased to announce an OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS for the following book project:

"Creating & Keeping Visual Journals"
When published (early 2000) this collaborative book about keeping visual journals (not to be confused with OnLine journals - this book is strictly about the physical kind you take on trips or keep on your desk or beside your bed) will contain examples of journal keeping techniques such as collage, calligraphy, rubber stamping, image transfers and photography as well as examples of different journal themes such as trip & travel journals, garden journals, wedding journals, dream journals, artist sketchbooks, journals as art, artists journals - you get the idea. There will also be a bibliography, resource appendix and a contributing artist list.

We're looking for the following submissions:

Visual journal keeping techniques:
Do you have a special technique for journal keeping you would like to share? Do you create collages in your journal? Do you carve your own rubber stamps? Are you a calligrapher? Photographer? Illustrator? The techniques section will contain step-by-step examples of techniques specific to journal keeping. If you're expert in a topic relating to journal keeping please contact us via eMail at journalbook@ragandbone.com Techniques must be submitted as part of journals or diaries or within blank books.

Journals with specific themes:
Daily journals, trip & travel journals, garden journals, sewing journals, wedding journals, dream journals - you get the idea - Any type of topical journal is requested. Journal submissions should focus on book & page design as well as written entries, and all types of journals will be considered including themed journals not described above, historical journals and books created specifically for this project.

Journals and or blank books for the gallery section:
There will be a visual gallery / chapter in the published book for artist books, journals, diaries, artist sketchbooks and blank books. We're looking for any type of book falling under the category of diary or journal to be juried for this section. This is the easiest section to jury for as the gallery will only contain photographs & descriptions - no step-by-step techniques or other copy.

The deadline for submitting is October 15th, 1999.

More information can be found here: http://www.ragandbone.com/journalbook [there are visaul samples of work already juried for the project]

Feel free to eMail me for more information - I'm easy to reach.

Pass on this call to interested artists or post it to your favorite mailing list!

                 r a g  &  b o n e  b i n d e r y

                 web:  http://www.ragandbone.com
                 fax:  401 455 3480
               voice:  401 455 3680
                mail:  one allens avenue
                       providence, rhode island 02903

                info:  handbound books, albums, journals,
                       guestbooks, baby books and more.
                       visit our web site for more information.

                       see you there!

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