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Re: Spain

The Spanish-Catalan office for Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art (Friends of=20
Artistic Bookbinding) in Barcelona:=20

c/o Marie-Th=E9r=E8se Huet
calle Balmes, 173, 4rt, 1
E-80006 Barcelona, Spain

I believe there is also a part of the Spanish national group which is active=20
in Madrid. For more info, you might contact the international office, which=20
is in Luxembourg;

ARA International
58, Domaine Mehlstrachen
L-6942 Niederanven
Tel/Fax: 352/34 85 91

Have a great trip! If you get to Cordoba, do visit the mosque...heading ther=
on winding streets going downhill from the train station, you'll pass severa=
bookbinders' shops. They were doing molded leather bindings and were very=20
cordial to this stranger.

Paula Marie Gourley
Delegate for l'ARA-USA=20

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