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Re: Bookkeeper product

Bookkeeper may be non-toxic in ingredients, but you still have to be careful
about the delivery.  Any product that is delivered as a fine mist, with
solids in the mist, can be an eye and a lung problem.  So I'd be careful
with the aerosol spray (have proper ventilation, don't put face near spray
falldown if wearing contacts).
Cathy Atwood

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From: Peter Verheyen [mailto:pdverhey@DREAMSCAPE.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 7:31 AM
Subject: Re: Bookkeeper product

In contrast to the Wei T'O it's also non-toxic, doesn't clog and
is predictable. I used Wei T'O more than I care to think about in Chicago,
and we had more problems than success with it. Part of the problem is that
the formulation kept changing, with sometimes unpredictable results. The
new formulation is now flammable (like hairspray, which shouldn't be a
problem, but check with your institutions hazmat department.)  The nozzles
also keep clogging so sometimes you might only get half a cans worth.
Working at Gaylord I would estimate that we had about a 40-50% rate of
return on them. I stopped recommending it pretty quickly.


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