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Re: making a manuscript...

I am forwarding a query I received today (and my response, below). If you
can help, please reply to Cari as he is not on the list.


>>Hello! :-)
>>      I'm at a bit of a loss...I was wondering if you could direct me to
>>someone who could lend some advice. :-)
>>      I'm a member of the Bow Valley Calligraphy guild in Calgary, AB. I'm
>>making a bound manuscript of the poem by Tennyson, the Lady of Shalott.
>>The lettering and illumination will be on sheepskin vellum (heavier than
>>normal photocopy paper, about the weight of cover weight paper in
>>thickness, maybe a touch less), and the size of each individual book
>>page will be 4"x6" (an 8"x6" sheet of vellum folded in half). Total
>>number of vellum sheets is 8, and all are folded in half like this. I'm
>>wondering as I do my layout, how many signatures should I divide these
>>sheets into, if any? What would be common or a good rule to follow as to
>>how many sheets of this thickness of vellum should be stacked in a
>>signature...all?...3?...4? As I'll be illuminating it before it's bound,
>>I realized that I'd need to know my number of signatures (to know what
>>order the sheets will be laying in) before I plot out my designs on the
>>      If you could please send along an e-mail address to someone who would
>>have experience in this, or know of who could help, I'd really
>>appreicate it. I'm not sure how much falls under 'preference' and how
>>much is 'required' in order for the book to lay flat. Although it's
>>going to be a rather thin book, I'd still like it to have a touch of a
>>spine after it's bound, just so it looks more like a 'little book',
>>rather than a 'pamphlet', if that makes sense. ;-) I don't know if
>>that's something that can be helped by using more signatures or
>>not...anyway, any help would be a lifesaver. :-) Thanks so much for your
>>Cari :-)
>>Cari Buziak
>>Aon Celtic Art & Illumination
>>"Great spirits have always
>>  encountered violent opposition
>>  from mediocre minds."     - Albert Einstein

>Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 07:10:18 -0400
>To: cari@aon-celtic.com
>From: Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>
>Subject: Re: making a manuscript...
>Dear Cari:
>I am at somewhat of a loss: I can't think of who would be the best person
>to answer this question. I have no experience with vellum but logic (my
>own sense, however warped) suggests that you divide the book into four
>signatures of two leaves each.
>If you like, I could forward your query to the Book_Arts-List in hope that
>someone on it might have a more qualified answer.

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>
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