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Re: making a manuscript...

The standard medieval way (assuming anything is standard in the MAs),
would be quaternions and up (four sheets per signature), with hair side
facing hair and flesh, flesh.

Start with hair on the top and bottom of the pile, so that the outside of
each folded quire (signature) is hair, and the inside, also hair:
H/F:F/H:H/F:F/H. If you decide to use odd groupings, e.g. of 3 sheets
(either for the last quire or throughout the book), then keep the hair
side out for the outside of the quire and the flesh side inside. That way
your quires will also match, hair to hair.

The opposition of the natural curve of hair-out sheet to hair-in sheet
works nicely to flatten the pages. I read somewhere an elaborate
description of the risks of placing the pages "cross-grain," but to tell
you the truth I never paid much attention to it.

In passing - your address suggests you're working in a Celtic style.
Insular manuscripts (and mss. produced by Insular scribes) are quired  in
a much more irregular way, which has given rise to lengthy
discussions. That's a whole other ball game.

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