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Re: Books in sheets.

I have, available in unbound sheets, 'Binders' Lettering, A Neglected Art',
book historian Colin Franklin's keynote address at the 1995 Guild of
BookWorker's Standards in Excellence conference.

Printed from handset Centaur type and polymer plates in two versions: (1) an
oatmeal-colored recycled paper or (2) unbleached linen handmade paper in an
edition of 100 copies. Issued as six uncut quarto signatures, including
endsheets. 5.25x7.25 as folded folios. Published as a Pelegaya Paperworks &
Saffron Press Collaboration in 1995. Version 1 is $35. and Version 2 is $60,
plus shipping  ($4.00).

Please inquire: Lilyhouse Studio, 1936 West 34th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97405.
Paula Marie Gourley

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