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Re: Exhibit by Feridun Özgören at the Boston MFA

Feridun =D6zg=F6ren has a web site at=

>Ebru: Contemporary Marbling by Feridun =D6zg=F6ren
>October 15, 1999 ? April 12, 2000
>Announcing the opening of the exhibit by Ebru artist Feridun =D6zg=F6ren at=
>Museum of
>Fine Arts in Boston next month.  Feridun studied Turkish style marbling=
>the master
>of the technique, Niyazi Sayin.   In his works, he combines both Western=
>and Eastern
>techniques.  He uses modern materials such as carragheen moss for size and
>the paper with alum before laying the paper, but still makes many of his
>paints by hand in
>the traditional method.  In particular, he uses a technique first
developed by
>the late
>master Necmeddin Okyay  of over-marbling and using hand cut stencils (in=
>traditional Turkish method known as K=E2ti) to build up a calligrahpic
>compostion, termed
>yazili ebru (written ebru).   Many of the calligraphies are derived from=
>works of
>Turkish masters.
>This exhibit is sure to be an eye opener for those appreciate marbled=
>but are
>unfamilar with Turkish techniques.
>For more information about how to get to the Museum, hours, etc.  go to

John Ang Cheng Siew
email : <mailto://johnacs@pacific.net.sg>
My Paper Marbling Web Site:  <http://home3.pacific.net.sg/~johnacs/>

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