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Re: illustration print and basic typeset

In regard to the query about where to learn to set type and make line
illustrations for handcrafted books...

You might start by checking out book arts workshops in your geographic area.
For example, in San Francisco - the SF Center for the Book Arts, Minneapolis
has the Minnesota Center for the Book and in New York State, the Women's
Studio Workshop and Center for the Book...it goes on and on. There are
listings and links on the Web - Peter (our list master here) keeps a
tremendous ongoing up-to-date service for this. The Guild of BookWorkers has
regional chapters which have a variety of activities in all aspects of the
book arts.

First, try some short-term classes in printing and book illustration
techniques which will give you a feel for the various aspects of the crafts.
Do this before you even think of investing in any equipment! There are so
many places now where you can learn incrementally and widely, without a major
financial investment.

Many locales have community colleges, arts center, libraries, colleges and
universities where there are courses on various aspects of the arts of the
book, from calligraphy to letterpress printing to papermaking, bookbinding
and paper decoration. These may be evening, off-campus, continuing education,
summer or regular quarter or semester offerings. All worth exploring. There
are also craft schools, such as Penland in Asheville, North Carolina or the
Horizons Program in New England, as well as Oregon College of Arts and
Crafts, to name a few. Many are listed in American Craft magazine as well as
the Shaw Guides, available in libraries and bookstores.

Paula Marie Gourley

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