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Wanted: UK Monotype matrices


I would be interested in acquiring UK Monotype composition & display
matrices in any size of the following series. If anyone have a spare set
that they might want to part with, or know of any sources, please do not
hesitate to contact me off-list.

These are the ones I'm most interested in:

128 Caslon Old Style
203 Van Dijk
270 Bembo
252 Centaur
??? Janson

And these are of great interest too:

46  Scotch Roman
101 Imprint
110 Plantin
119 Blado
135 Bodoni
165 Cochin
170 Poliphilus
185 Fournier
255 Lutetia
258 Perpetua Titling
341 Bell
374 Walbaum
453 Ehrhardt
458 Romulus
556 Spectrum

Mats Broberg

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