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Re: Ludlow Machine and fonts

John Tewell wrote:
> I bought some items from a bindery that was going out of business. With the
> equipment came a Ludow machine.
>   Any ideas as to how to make money with this monster? Do you know anyone who
> might want to buy it? Thanks. JT

My first letterpress experience came by way of a Ludlow machine. We used
it for setting quick lines of type for use in business cards,
invitations, letterheads and the like. Whether that is what they were
designed for, I don't know, but it is what they are practical for. They
are also good for setting up long runs where you may want to quickly
change a couple of lines. We also used it to automatically crank out
quantities of 6 point slugs in various lengths when building forms.

I'd take it, but I doubt I would buy it, unless it were here in Western
PA. Sorry!

Jim Lindstrom
Oak Forest, PA

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