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New book

Wanted to let you know there is a new book by Duke professor Henry Petroski
called "The Book on the Bookshelf"
It is just out and discusses the storage, packaging, display and care of
books.  Dr. Petroski was looking at his own booksheves at home one night and
led into a train of throught regarding the why's and wherefore's of book
shelves (He's an engineer). Needless to say it is as much about books as it
is book shelves.  His previous book was "The Pencil". Don't know if it is
any good, but thought it might be of interest to the list!

Louise Koslofsky, where NC is still struggling with the aftermath of
Floyd.  The pictures on the TV look like Bangladesh.  The flood waters are
still rising down East and NC has suffered the worst losses from a natural
disaster in our history.

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