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Polyester plates VS Gocco?

Thanks Roberta, for your post on George Roberts' polyester plate printing
technique, sounds just like something I could use too, for miniature books,
thanks Laura for asking the question! I've been thinking of trying to find
a Gocco machine for color reproduction but I'd love an excuse to start
messing about with my etching press again. Does anyone have an opinion on
how Gocco would compare to polyester plates for reproducing fine line
(dense crosshatching) and small (4/5/6pt) type?

>George Roberts from Boise State taught a class he calls "non-toxic
>lithography" a couple of weeks ago at Crow's Shadow Institute. He uses
>commercial polyester plates that can be run through a laser printer or
>photocopier (good for text) or drawn directly on with a variety of pens
>(great for detailed illustrations).



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